Ámos Agency - your partner in education

Basic characteristics

Since its foundation in Chrudim in 1991 the Agency Ámos has been dealing with the organization of the educational programmes in the form of both public-open courses and seminaries, and firm courses to order.

The Agency Ámos is a registered business name of a physical person (Ing. Helena Nováková), the firm itself has a very slim organizational structure.

The lecturers´ team is made besides the staff of the Agency by approx. 30 experts from the central working places, extraordinary practicians and advicers with the appropriate training.

The projects made-to-order are processed in a close cooperation with the customer by the managers of the educational projects.They have long personal experience from their practical work in particular branches.

More than 1000 participients from the whole Czech Republic and from Slovakia annually take part in the open courses and seminaries, usually taking place in Pardubice and Hradec Králové. We offer the firm programme training all over the republic.

Having a partnership with the Prague office of a well-known European consultation and certification company TÜV NORD, we cooperate in making the educational programmes to quality.


The Agency Ámos is a registered member of the Association of the Institutions of the education of the adults in the Czech Republic. The selected educational programmes have been accreditted to the MŠMT of the Czech Republic.

Being one of a few firms in this branch, in the year of 2001 this firm was given the certification of the quality system according to the norm of EN ISO 9001:2000.

And in the year of 2002 this firm was awarded the certification of the environmental system according the norm of EN ISO 14001, which makes it be the first evaluated one in its branch in CR.

Our Range

Specialist courses, seminaries and training programmes in the branch of the Systems of quality (ISO 9000 + super-structures for automotive industry, special methods incl. statistic ones, training of the internal auditors)

Specialist courses, seminaries and training programmes in the branch of the Systems of the environmental management (EMAS, ISO 14000, legislature of environment, training of the internal auditors).

Specialist courses, seminaries and training programmes in the branch of the Manager abilities orientated to the psychological aspects of communication (assertivity, positive communication, team cooperation and its development, motivation and evaluation, conflicts, stress).

Tým agentry Ámos - naši lektoři a organizátoři

What do you say about us?

We are interested, what do you say about our courses. In sourvey of more than 1000 participients we have found following. Thank you for your open mind.

99 % účastníků bylo spokojených, protože jsme splnili jejich očekávání

Live up the Expectations

99 % were satisfied with a content of our courses, by 65 % we outperformmed your expectations.

98 % účastníků oceňuje přínos pro odborný a osobní rozvoj

Contribution for personal growth

98 % appreciate a contribution to their own progress; two thirds evaluate the contribution as significant.

85 % účastníků hodnotí jako velmi dobře odbornou úroveň kurzů

Ability to transfer a knowledge

85 % think we have high skilled lecturers, they can gain attention and transfer practical knowledge to you.

35 % účastníků se nám opakovaně vrací.

Repeated attendance

Seems to be low, but in fact, it is a huge thing. We look forward to see you again! Thank you for your trust!